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    College: 4 Steps to a Wise Choice

    College doesn’t come cheap, but it still has real payoffs.  Follow these simple steps to help select a school that’s a great fit. MORE:

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    Female Graduates – Much improved job market, ongoing challenges.

    Female college grads will enter a much improved market, but feel less confident about salary prospects and opportunities.  Cheer up – we break down the (largely) good news and share a bonus that can pay dividends for years. MORE:

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    July Newsletter

    There’s good news for jobs, a much improved market for grads, and an World Class US National Women’s Team.  The performance is there — its time female athletes get paid. MORE:

  • Female LegislatorsInfographic_Quorum_2015

    Leading Ladies

    With Women’s History Month just underway, our March Newsletter looks at the state of play for “Fem-Nominal” women in the US. Recent studies and surveys of attitudes and output in Congress, corporations, and the media indicate there is progress to report. Click for more. Continue reading

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    Pew Research on Women and Leadership

    A recent survey by Pew Research Center finds significant benefits to female leaders in business and politics. Not surprisingly, half of women surveyed (and roughly one in three men) agree that double standards and cultural norms have held women back. Click here for the study. Continue reading

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    Open Wallet, Open Heart?

    You are the owner of your heart and ruler of your wallet. Do you honor your power? Our February Newsletter is a reminder about the risks in the world to your hearts, money, and information. Take good care of the first one — we’ll help with the rest. MORE: Continue reading

  • darksecrets

    Shhhh. Can you keep a (money) secret?

    Some step out to fulfill unmet needs — others use their their wallets. A recent poll estimates 1 in 5 Americans have a money secret, which can wreak havoc on relationships long term. Our About.com video shares how to come clean. Continue reading

  • why invest

    Why Invest?

    Because long term investing can improve the quality of your life. Here’s a video from our About.com series with basic tips. Start young and you can have over $1 million by retirement. This is critical for women – who often live longer and may take career breaks along the way. Continue reading

  • Ben and Jerry

    About those Resolutions…

    Our “Jump into January” Newsletter – with simple tools to help make your resolutions real in 2015 — even if that means couch potato “staycations” with your buds Ben & Jerry MORE: Continue reading

  • cat

    Meh-ry Christmas? Case by Kaess Commentary

    After a huge build-up, the first word on the holiday shopping season is disappointing. Don’t despair. US Markets and the economy end the year on a strong note, though a troubled international outlook once again threatens hopes for “lift-off” 2015. MORE: Continue reading

  • 40week

    Pregnant? Know someone who is?

    40 Weeks is a heartwarming and informative new film offering an intimate look at pregnancy, following women of all backgrounds along their incredible journey. Feminomics is proud to support their work and has a small cameo! Learn more and find a screening near you at: 40weeksthemovie.com . MORE: Continue reading

  • Time For Review

    November Newsletter

    Endings – we hate them. Our November Newsletter offers help and great resources to deal with areas we avoid like the plague – emergency, end of life issues, and end of year performance reviews. MORE: Continue reading

  • HELP!

    Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

    Many of us think of medical directives or a living will as something for ‘old or sick people’, but accidents can happen to any of us. Who would you want to speak for you? What treatments would you want or not? Does anyone have passwords to your key accounts and websites? MORE: Continue reading

  • Who Should Pay the Bills_Couple

    October Newsletter

    Rebalancing Relationships — Loved ones, Money & You: Solving Common Money Issues for Couples; How a Daughter Challenged her (famous) Father to Reassess her VALUE$; Gender Equity & Domestic Violence Awareness – Recognizing Men who are Part of the Solutions. MORE: Continue reading

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    Essential Health Insurance Info for Women

    Just in time for open enrollment. Make the most of your coverage with our video – Essential Health Insurance Info for Women – featuring Ann Asbaty, SVP of Cigna.

  • Women make up roughly half the US  workforce

    September Newsletter

    The Feminomics September Newsletter is out! In honor of Labor Day we focus on women’s wages – highlighting new studies measuring the gender pay gap, the “ladies of labor” , August employment report. MORE Continue reading

  • Women_in_the_states-e1409681515447

    Where’s the best state in the US for women to work?

    Where’s the best state in the US for women to work? The worst? This new study ranking the 50 states and DC on employment and earnings vs their male peers breaks it down. MORE Continue reading

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